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[Wikimedia-l] Call for participation: World War II… 75 Years After

WМ RepublikaSrpska
World War II… 75 Years After

Soon, will be 75 years since the end of the deadliest episodes in human
history. Over 60 countries took part in the 6-years long  military
conflict. Word War II took over 50.000.000 lives, and more 35.000.000 was
wounded. Many of them lost their lives after the war. Hundreds of battles
were fought on dozens of fronts. Thousands of buildings were demolished and
hundreds of new ones built. Despite that, life was renewed and continued
after this catastrophe of global proportions. New ideas, new movements, -
new history were born.

Events from the past have largely defined our present and left us the
obligation to document and preserve them for the future.

So, we invite you to use the month of September for marking the 75th
anniversary of the end of the Second World War with a series of
Edit-a-Thones and competitions dedicated to this topic.

Also, actions and cooperation with GLAM institutions, that are treasures of
information and materials, are welcome. Please note that if you fund such
actions with WMF grants, you must follow the instructions about COVID-19

All information about project you can find on Meta
War II… 75 Years After

Looking forward to work with all of you!

Best regards,

Bojana Podgorica, Wikimedia Community of Republika Srpska

*„**Замислите свијет у коме **свака особа на планети има **слободан приступ
цјелокупном људском знању.* *То је *
*оно на чему ми радимо.“*
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