[Wikimedia-l] Freedom and speech.. broaching the subject of our Wikimedia bias

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[Wikimedia-l] Freedom and speech.. broaching the subject of our Wikimedia bias

Gerard Meijssen-3
I have documenten my Wiki related activities for fifteen years on my blog
[1]. I write argued opinions centred around my experiences. I always invite
people to consider the arguments and argue their point.

At this point I find the Wikimedia Foundation increasingly intolerant of
considered opinions. I made the case for other projects, considered
remedies like bonuses for senior management for growth in other projects,
and I do consider it a bias when everything is centred around Wikipedia and
the English Wikipedia at that.
I find that I am censured when I want to post to this Facebook group and I
am censured when I post on Wikimedia-l. Read what I write, my arguments are
to make our movement a better place. Look up what I do and have done, with
2,770,630 edits I have been deeply involved in our projects. I am censured
because it is not ok for me to speak freely and say that our approach is
one of bias, a bias that is detrimental to our mission.

PS it will be a relief when I find this posted on the mailinglist and when
my latest blogpost gets attention on Facebook

[1] https://ultimategerardm.blogspot.com/
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