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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: James Forrester <[hidden email]>
Date: 17 February 2013 15:40
Subject: Announcement of Wikimania 2014 jury
To: "Wikimania general list (open subscription)"
<[hidden email]>

[Please note that I send this purely as a volunteer, and in no
connexion to the Wikimedia Foundation.]

Dear all,

I write to announce the Jury to select which bid will be chosen to
host Wikimania in 2014.

The twelve members will be:

* Deror Avi - [[User:Deror avi]] from Israel (Wikimania 2011 General Manager)
* Philippe Beaudette - [[User:Philippe (WMF)]] from the US (Wikimedia
Foundation Director, Community Advocacy)
* Jeromy-Yu Chan - [[User:Yuyu]] from HK (Wikimania 2013 Co-ordinator-in-Chief)
* Shujen Chang - [[User:Shujenchang]] from HK
* Florence Devouard - [[User:Anthere]] from France
* Orsolya Gyenes - [[User:OrsolyaVirág]] from Hungary (Wikimania 2012
Deputy Program Chair)
* James Hare - [[User:Harej]] from the US (Wikimania 2012 Co-chair)
* Achal Prabhala - [[User:Aprabhala]] from India - Wikimedia Advisory
Board member
* Konarak Ratnakar - [[User:Kondicherry]] from India
* Noopur Raval - [[User:Noopur28]] from India
* Manuel Schneider - [[User:80686]] from Austria (Wikimedia
Österreich; perpetual Wikimania organiser)
* [[User:Whiteghost.ink]] from Australia

Jan-Bart de Vreede and Sam Klein (of the Wikimedia Foundation Board)
will also be part of the Jury, as normal.

I and Phoebe Ayers - [[User:Phoebe]] - will be serving as moderators,
neutral aides for the Jury who do not vote.

To re-iterate what we've said before, it would be lovely if this was
the last year we used this process, and that for 2015 onwards we could
create a new, community-led and more open and transparent process.
Some earlier discussions took place at [[m:Talk:Wikimania Advisory
Group]]. Please feel free to give your thoughts there.

As a reminder, bids have two weeks (until 23:59 UTC on 3 March 2013)
until bidding creation closes. All cities which intend to run for the
bidding process should have created a page on meta and entered the
official list by this point.

Thank you, and good luck to all Bids.

James D. Forrester
[hidden email]
[[Wikipedia:User:Jdforrester|James F.]] (speaking purely in a personal capacity)

James D. Forrester
[hidden email]
[[Wikipedia:User:Jdforrester|James F.]] (speaking purely in a personal capacity)

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