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[Wikimedia-l] Global Economic Map integration with Wikidata

Alex Peek
Below is the plan for the Global Economic Map to become integrated with

Wikidata task force page:

Project homepage: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Global_Economic_Map

   1. Wikidata already has a page on each country.
   2. Wikidata already has a page on each administrative division of each
   of these countries.
   3. Wikidata already has a page on each of the larger companies and
   financial institutions.
   4. The Global Economic Map project will work with Wikidata to define the
   additional items and properties needed to incorporate the Global Economic
   data into Wikidata in a form which is machine readable.
   5. Once the Wikidata development team have completed the development of
   the datatypes required for this project (notably the URL datatype and the
   Number with Dimension datatype - both due to be completed by September 2013)
   [1] <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Roadmap#Wikidata_deployment> then
   the properties can be created and the Global Economic Map project will work
   with Wikidata to create bots to automatically import data from various
   databases into the various pages in Wikidata. Each datum will be a separate
   statement on wikidata with a source (where it came from, when it was
   downloaded) and appropriate qualifiers (industry sector, time period it
   refers to, location). Where automation is not practical the data will be
   imported by hand into Wikidata, including the source and date info.
   6. Wikidata will make this data, like all the data on Wikidata,
   available, through their public API, in various standard formats, so it can
   be reused by others.
   7. As part of Wikidata stage 3 (due autumn 2013) the Wikidata developers
   will work on creating queries and data visualisations using the data in
   Wikidata. The Economic World map team will create a mini standalone site
   where the economic data can be queried and displayed in various ways.
   8. The Global Economic Map team will work with the Wikidata stage 3
   developers and one of the wikipedias (probably not the English Wikipedia -
   their articles are pretty stable so they don't want too much
   experimentation) to create data visualisations using the data on Wikidata
   and add this to national and regional wikipedia pages. Once these are
   stable they can be adapted to other nations and regions on that wikipedia.
   These can then be be used as a model by other wikipedias.
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