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[Wikimedia-l] March 20: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#11)

Katherine Maher
Hi all!

After months of planning, we are underway: we officially launched some big
discussions last week! If you missed the many messages sent out with this
news, read on for more details.

(Apologies for sending this out a few days late - we were very busy with
annual planning meetings last week.)

*Featured requests*
With the start of Phase 1 discussions for Tracks A & B, there are two
things we want to bring additional attention to:

   - Join the Phase 1 discussion! What do we want to build or achieve
   together over the next 15 years?
   - https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10212156
   - We want to reach as many people in as many places as possible - and to
   do that we need your help. Sign up via this Google Form to coordinate a
   Phase 1 discussion with your group or community.
   - https://goo.gl/c394KI

*All Tracks*

   - A new San Francisco-based williamsworks team member, Sara Johnson,[1]
   has joined the firm to help support their work on the movement strategy

*Track A (Organized groups) and Track B (Individual contributors)*

   - Tracks A and B officially launched on March 14 with the opening of
   Phase 1 discussions.[2]
   - Launch emails for Tracks A and B have been sent out to individuals and
   Wikimedia mailing lists. We will be sending out via MassMessage as well
   once translated.[3]
   - Nicole held first call with the Track A Advisory Group on Monday.
   Recruiting efforts for this group are continuing.
   - So far, 41 people have signed up to help facilitate discussions and
   two training calls have been conducted this week. We encourage more people
   to please sign up as well.[4]
   - The Core Team and Track Leads are continuing to work with Wikimedia
   Deutschland in preparation for movement strategy track at Wikimedia
   Conference coming up later this month in Berlin.[5]
   - Strategy Language Coordinators (Track B) have been translating the
   content and copying the discussion pages for the Phase 1 discussions, in
   order to adapt them for their local language projects.
   - The Track Leads are investigating ways to make the user journeys
   through the process clearer in order to help guide participants through all
   the content as the information grows over the course of conversations.
   - CentralNotice banner will begin by end of this week for logged in
   users. The language reads“Wikimedia 2030: Participate in the conversation
   about the future of the Wikimedia movement and its projects.” This is being
   translated in the 19 supported languages, and we hope for volunteers to
   assist with as many other languages as possible.
   - The survey form method of collecting individual input during Phase 1
   is now posted online.[7]
   - Based on the Track A Advisory Group’s recommendations, Suzie, Jaime,
   and Nicole are working to simplify the materials and user experience.
   - Guillaume, Nick Wilson, Jan Eissfeldt, and Karen Brown are posting
   additional support materials to the portal on Meta-Wiki and are working
   with the strategy language coordinators to translate the following:
   - Discussion page on Meta-Wiki:
      - A list of all the current discussions to help people choose which
      discussion to participate in:
      - Discussion Coordinator’s guide to help people organize discussions,
      developed with Nicole: https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10219273
      - Discussion guides to help people facilitate different types of
      discussions: https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10211355
      - Method for posting and displaying summary pages of discussions,
      including templates to support implementation:
      - A revised process map, designed by the Foundation's Communications
      department: https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10152619
      - On-wiki index of people who have signed up to facilitate
      discussions: https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10211586
   - The Core Team continued working on the strategy briefing,[8] and for
   example included a graphic of the greater Wikimedia ecosystem.[9] Ed and
   Shannon focused on producing the presentation deck to be presented at
   Berlin Conference and in the upcoming Wikimedia Foundation Board meeting.
   They are working with the Foundation's Communications department to help
   craft a clear narrative and presentation materials.
   - The Core team is preparing for organized group discussions with
   Wikimedia Foundation staff and Board.

*Track C (Partners and readers in higher awareness regions) and Track D
(Partners and readers in lower awareness regions)*

   - Track C participant outreach continues, and Track D outreach began
   this week!
   - A contact relationship management (CRM) system has been set up to help
   facilitate coordination of outreach to Track C & D contacts.
   - Desk research/interview proposal with Lutman & Associates is in
   approval cycles. Foundational research collected from this proposal will be
   posted on-wiki.[11]
   - A contract for online survey research is still being negotiated.
   - The Track Leads have begun interviewing project assistant
   - A dinner is being coordinated with Wikimedia Deutschland for Track C
   participants while the facilitators are already in Berlin later this month
   for Wikimedia Conference.
   - The Core Team discussed with Nicole and Juliet participation and
   outreach to potential Track C & D participants at the upcoming Creative
   Commons Summit. The group is waiting to hear back from Creative Commons
   about a potential session on Wikimedia Strategy.
   - Track Leads and Core Team continued outreach to our network for
   recommendations on experts to consult.
   - Adele worked with Karen Brown and Jake Orlowitz on posting the process
   page for Track D on Meta-Wiki.[13]
   - Adele is working on posting a version of the contact list to Meta-Wiki
   with a form to collect suggestions from local communities.
   - Adele’s team is securing interviews with various experts and partners
   in Mexico, Nigeria, and India starting this week. Suzie is finalizing the
   interview guide by Monday.

*Next steps*

   - Finalize and post all remaining materials to the strategy movement
   portal on Meta-Wiki, including strategic direction definitions and examples
   to help facilitate discussion.
   - Continue building out list of experts and developing expert interview
   guide for Tracks C & D.
   - Continue to simplify the user experience and materials to make it
   easier to participate in the discussions and to volunteer as a Discussion

As always, thanks for reading through!


PS. A version of this message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki.[14]

[1] http://williamsworks.com/team/sara-johnson/
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2017/Cycle_1
[6] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:GuidedTour
[9] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Strategy_Graphic.pdf
[12] https://boards.greenhouse.io/wikimedia/jobs/622379

Katherine Maher

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