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[Wikimedia-l] Movement strategy - some thoughts on issues to address

Chris Keating-2

I've just written a short essay on Meta about issues I think the
Movement Strategy working groups ought to be thinking about.


tl:dr: Firstly,  '''accountability''' and '''equality''' are both
complicated concepts in the context we work in. And secondly, there is
inherently a tension between those two things and '''independence and
opportunity''', which is another key value we hold. That's not to say
there is a zero-sum choice to be made between these things, but there
may inevitably ''some'' choices to be made between them. I believe
that acknowledging the existence of these tensions is the best way to
achieve the best outcomes from the whole process.

Comments and criticism very welcome, I hope this is useful for people
on the Working Groups trying to grapple with these issues!


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