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[Wikimedia-l] P. Sainath's comments on the Wikipedia

Frederick Noronha
In the course of a 2015 talk at Yale, the prominent Indian journalist P.
Sainath says (comparing his People's Archive): "We are not the Wikipedia.
Just because anyone can contribute does not mean we will accept everything.
A lot of democratic decisions are democratically taken by me. Yeah, this is
not the Wikipedia. I did not work for 35 years in journalist to put up any
crap... with my name going on the credit."

This comes up at around minute 49. Please listen. We might need to clarify
this misunderstanding that the Wikipedia accepts "anything".

- *"It's easier to fix bugs the same day you wrote the code. It can be very
hard and time-consuming to fix bugs a month later when you've forgotten
exactly how the code works." - Joel Spolsky, CEO/Founder of Stack Overflow*

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