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[Wikimedia-l] Pre-Christmas Update - Fundraising

Joseph Seddon-6
Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to provide a couple of quick fundraising updates:

**End of year downtime and New Year**

From today, we are bringing banners down across the projects for the next
week as we did last year.

As I mentioned in my December 10th update, you may have noticed that we
have been running small banners on the Wikipedia Portal site for this first
time ever this year. These will stay up until December 31st. Over this
period we will also be experimenting with a small highlight on the sidebar
donate link, revisiting something we haven’t explored for a while. We
learned during last year’s campaign that readers are looking for ways to
donate to Wikipedia the week between Christmas and New Years. We hope that
the improved design that we are testing will make it easier for those
readers to navigate the site to find the right landing page.

We'll be doing a final push over 30-31st January and will be running a
thank you banner campaign through the beginning of January.

**Mobile Banner Changes**

The banner team continued working on changes to our our mobile large
banners based on the community feedback we received; Here is a quick update
on our progress

--- Reducing the length of the banner - After about 2 weeks of almost
continuous testing we’ve now managed to reduce the size of the mobile
banner between 30-35% on most devices with only a marginal hit in terms of

--- Making it clearer to users that they are able to SKIP the banner -
We’ve made style and wording tweaks to users but in addition to this we’ve
followed this up with some user testing and we will be looking at how we
can make further improvements in this area.

Thank you all and Happy Holidays!


*Community and Audience Engagement Associate*
*Advancement (Fundraising), Wikimedia Foundation*
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