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[Wikimedia-l] Report on the Gender Gap Inspire Campaign

Alex Wang
(Apologies for cross-posting)


After almost two years, the first Inspire Campaign on gender diversity is
coming to a close.[1] As an initial experiment in proactive grantmaking, we
consider the campaign a success! It engaged over 600 people in addressing
the gender gap, resulting in both quantitative and qualitative shifts:
approximately 13,000 articles were created or improved, the number of women
leading grant-funded projects significantly increased, and our thinking
about gender diversity expanded in both expected and unexpected ways. While
there are still a few grants that will continue into 2017, we believe this
campaign has been a success in bringing attention, diverse thinking and new
progress to the topic of gender diversity within our movement.

Many thanks to the teams that have dedicated their time and effort over
these months!

We have put together a report, focusing on the outcomes of the Inspire
grants that submitted reports by August 2016.


Our report focuses on the major themes we saw across these 11 grants, and
especially highlights how people participated and contributed in expected
and unexpected ways. For instance, we now know that people participated in
many more ways than just editing; we also know that in addition to article
improvement and creation, multiple approaches were adopted to rectify
content bias and content gaps.

In the long term, once the movement strategy is complete in August 2017,
our team will revisit the topic of gender diversity under the new lens of
the movement’s strategic priorities. By designing new or improved models
for proactive grantmaking, our hope is that Inspire campaigns will continue
to ignite innovative thinking how to address key issues like the gender
diversity within our movement.

Happy reading!

Alex Wang, Marti Johnson, Sati Houston, and Chris Schilling

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IdeaLab/Inspire/Archi

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