[Wikimedia-l] Results from Punjabi Wikisource Proofreading Contest

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[Wikimedia-l] Results from Punjabi Wikisource Proofreading Contest

Rupika Sharma
Hello Everyone,

It is with great pride I would like to share great news with the community.
We did Proofreading contest in Punjabi Wikisource from 21 December 2018 -
31 January 2019 and we have record breaking results.

Starting from 300 proofread pages per month with only about 4-5 editors,
and almost 0 editors with 50+ editors in October, we only had 1269 pages
proofread since past 2 years.

After the contest, we now have community of 24 editors with 50+ edits and
35 participants that joined us via outreach programs and workshops . We
were able to get 5100+ pages proofread in 40 days, making us the fastest
and the most active Wikisource community in India. And as per the latest
stats, we are also the fastest growing Wikisource community globally in
terms of growth and third most active community in terms of pages proofread
after 40 days of the contest. We will continue to validate the proofread
pages from the contest in the next couple months to maintain quality and

We hope we can continue to grow and advance the mission of free knowledge
from Punjabi Community.

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Punjabi_Wikimedians
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Punjabi_Wikisource_Contest

Best Regards,
Rupika Sharma
Punjabi Wikimedians
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