[Wikimedia-l] Safe harbour mooted in Australia for internet intermediaries

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[Wikimedia-l] Safe harbour mooted in Australia for internet intermediaries

Anthony Cole
On 13th June, the High Court of Australia allowed a defamation case against
Google to proceed.  Presently, Australia has no "safe harbour" provision
for internet intermediaries, though there is some protection for telcos.

The previous week, on 7th June, the New South Wales state government
released a review of its 2005 defamation act, and the review recommends
that the states re-convene their defamation working party and ask it, inter
alia, if a specific safe harbour provision would be beneficial. [2][3]

WMF legal might want to consider making a submission to the working party
(once it has re-convened) to put our case, and might want to watch the law
reform process as it unfolds to ensure any safe harbour language that may
be adopted is broad enough to include Wikimedia projects.

1. The Conversation.
2. Sydney Morning Herald.
3. The review. See recommendation 15c
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