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Filip Maljković
Hello everyone!

I am writing here because we have a great landmark ahead of us. Namely,
Serbian Wikipedia turns 15 years of age in less than two weeks, so that's
naturally an important event for both Serbian Wikipedia and Wikimedia
Serbia. The birthday is on February 16, but we will be celebrating it on
February 19 with a formal event. For the past 15 years, we have been
working hard and putting a lot of effort into creating one of the largest
South Slavic encyclopedias. Let's celebrate that!

With this in mind, we are organizing various birthday activities. They are
the ones which represent the diversity of our vast community, and the
impact which we can achieve when we unite in sharing free knowledge. That
is why we are now addressing the entire movement, because we want to
celebrate this jubilee together and feel that we are all together part of
an important story of mankind.

The idea is very simple, it does not take much time, and our community will
be encouraged to continue creating free content on Wiki projects. We would
like our friends from chapters, thematic organizations and other entities
to write the message "Happy birthday to Serbian Wikipedia! from {{{country
name}}}," to take pictures with it and put that image in the Serbian
Wikipedia 15 category on Wikimedia Commons [1] and social networks with the
hashtag #vikipedija15. We will then share it on our social network profiles
and finally make a slideshow at the celebration event. Therefore, this
message will be a gift to the community from their friends and associates
from all over the world. It would be ideal, but not necessary, if you could
be photographed next to a particular landmark / symbol of the country which
you are coming from.

We hope you will help us surprise our volunteers by showing them how rich
and diverse our movement is, and the number of friends around the world
with whom they are working on the largest collaborative project. We want to
give them encouragement for the next 15 years at least! :)

Thanks in advace,
Filip Maljković
on behalf of Wikimedia Serbia

[1] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Serbian_Wikipedia_15
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