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[Wikimedia-l] Statement of Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong to event organizers and global Wikimedia Movement communities

William Chan-2
Dear all,

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong has released the following
statement about ongoing protests carried out in Hong Kong.

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong (the Hong Kong Wikimedia
Community) has released a resolution on April 16 about its stance on the
Extradition Bill [1]. However, the ongoing developing situation requires
the local community to issue the following statement. We request the global
community, particularly East Asian Wikimania Participants, to be alerted
about the ongoing development of the Hong Kong Protests against the
extradition bill.

Recent development of protests against the extradition in the Hong Kong
Special Administrative Region has developed in an unintended way, where
news reports, including local and international news outlets showing the
pro-government councilors cooperating with local triads in attacking
passers-by (in Yuen Long), and protesters “battling” the force using
block-and-run tactics.

Local strikes, non-cooperation movements from protesters, and police
threats in recent days has disrupted local traffic and harmed the safety of
individuals staying in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, strikes from airport staff has led to partial closure of the
Hong Kong International Airport, where the airport only operated on a
single-runway, which had led to delays and cancellations of flights.

The Hong Kong Wikimedia Community is well aware of the associated safety
risks and risks of delays, and recommends international conference
participants not to arrange participants, and participants not to use Hong
Kong as a transit point.

At the same time, the Hong Kong Wikimedia Community has been notified from
our members that there are at least three members living within the
conflict zone. Currently, none of our members are hurt or charged with
crimes associated with the extradition bill protests.

We also hope all members of the general public, including the police,
government itself, protesters, etc. to stay calm and not to initiate
violence against their opposing parties.

[1] & Original Statement:
The statement is also released through Facebook:
William Chan
Community Liaison, Educator
Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
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