[Wikimedia-l] Wiki Movimento Brasil Statement on Bill 2630/2020

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[Wikimedia-l] Wiki Movimento Brasil Statement on Bill 2630/2020

Chico Venancio
A legislative proposal against Fake News is underway in the House of
Representatives in Brazil.

Contradictorily, the proposal affects projects that act against
misinformation. As it is currently written, bill 2630/2020 may be a severe
obstacle for Wikimedia projects in Brazil, as well as other open
educational and collaborative projects.

The UG Wiki Movimento Brasil wrote a statement regarding some points that
our legislative representatives should consider as the law proposal
advances. The statement was written with support of other civil society
entities, the Coaliz√£o Direito na Rede[1], the Wikimedia Foundation Legal
Team and the office of a federal deputy active in the case.
Please, help us spread the statement and pressure Brazilian representatives
for more public debate! The document is available on Commons both in
English and Portuguese. It is also published in our wiki in English[2] and


Chico Venancio on behalf of WIki Movimento Brasil User Group
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