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Sandra Rientjes  - Wikimedia Nederland
The Wikimedia Nederland chapter report on January and February is available
on meta:


It is also included in this message as plain text.

Sandra Rientjes
Directeur/Executive Director Wikimedia Nederland

tel.    (+31) (0)30 3200238
mob. (+31) (0)6  31786379


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==Community and Participation==

====Erasmus Prize awarded to Wikipedia community====

On 15 January (the 14th birthday of Wikipedia) the Erasmus Prize Foundation
announced during a seminar in Amsterdam that Wikipedia will receive the
Erasmus Prize 2015. The prize is awarded annually to a person or
institution that has made an exceptional contribution to culture, society
or social science. Wikipedia was chosen because the Internet encyclopedia
provides worldwide access to knowledge in open and democratic way. The
award goes specifically to the international Wikipedia community, the
volunteers behind Wikipedia. Wikimedia Nederland hopes that this
prestigious award will open doors for new partnerships and encourage more
people to become involved.  We are planning a program of activities
throughout the year.

====New Years Reception====

Saturday, January 17th the Institute for Vision and Sound  hosted Wikimedia
Nederland's annual New Year's reception. The meeting was attended by more
than 80 members, donors, Wikipedians and other interested parties. The day
was opened by Jan Müller (Managing Director of Vision and Sound). The
guests could explore the Sound and Vision Experience or join a tour of the

==== Video on Wikipedia ====

After our New Years reception at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and
Vision, we received a number of questions about the use of video on
Wikipedia. We built a small project page on our local chapter Wiki with a
few instructional videos on how to upload and use video. The community
reacted with enthusiasm and created a new help page out of this
projectpage. Some volunteers became more actively involved with trying to
find open video content online to use on Wikipedia.


===== Education program - call for translation requests =====

The education program has started with a pilot project on translations.
Interns from ITV (a school for interpreters and translators) can translate
selected articles from French, German, Spanish, Italian, English and
Russian to Dutch. These interns will translated articles requested by the
community. In January, a  call for translation requests was posted and got
a very positive response from the community. The first intern will start in
April and will translate articles from German into Dutch.

===== World War II =====

A number of meetings took place with archives that have collections related
to WWII. We expect to see some media donations over the next few months. We
are also working with our partner NIOD (the national institute for war,
conflict and genocide research) to prepare an editathon on the role of
women during the Second World War.  Work is also continuing on a
Verzetskranten project about the underground press during World War II.
This is a cooperation between NIOD, the National Library and Wikimedia
Nederland. The aim is to improve the number and quality of articles about
illegal newspapers on Wikipedia, and then use these to provide extra
content to the National Library's database holding the digitized version of
the actual newspapers.

===== Project Nature =====

The Museum for Natural History Naturalis has started the search for a
Wikipedian in Residence. The volunteers involved in project nature are
starting work on processing a content donation by De Vlinderstichting
(Butterfly Foundation). Information on and images of the dragonfly species
of the Netherlands was released under a Creative Commons licence.

===== Gendergap =====

Preparations have begun for the Gendergap project. Plan is to have a
projectplan written in April. We are exploring possibilities and we are
talking to possible partners for our gendergap project. At the same time,
we are preparing activities for the international Women's day in March.  We
were approached by the feminist magazine Opzij, who want to increase the
number of articles about women on Dutch Wikipedia.  We are cooperating with
them in an editathon at their offices on March 9.  We hope this will be the
start of longer cooperation.

===== GLAM-WIKI 2015 =====

GLAM-WIKI 2015 is organized by WMNL and will take place in The Hague on
April 10 -12.  The venue will be the National Library and National
Archive.  The programme committee and the WMNL office are busy preparing
this event. A call for proposals was published, the scholarship request
form made available, ticket sales have started.s. The programme committee
is now reviewing the proposals.

==== Catharijne Convent Museum for religious art donates high resolution

On 24 February, more than 2,500 high-resolution photos of the artifacts
from the permanent collection of the Museum Catharijneconvent were added to
the database of Wikipedia.To encourage wikipedians and  interested
researchers  to use the collection, the museum and Wikimedia Nederland are
going to organize various activities, focusing on editing and writing
articles on Wikipedia. On March 12, the first editathon will take place.

==Communication and publicity==

==== Campaign ====

In the final months of 2014 we worked on preparing a campaign to increase
understanding among the general public about some basic facts concerning
Wikipedia, in particular that it is written entirely by volunteers  The
social media campaign started in February. M ore about the results in next
month's update.

==== Newsletter ====

The WMNL newsletters for January and February were sent out to the

==Governance and organization==

On February 16, Sandra Fauconnier started work as project coordinator at
the WMNL office. She previously worked as a Wikipedian in Residence.

Sebastiaan ter Burg has left the WMNL team as of March 1.

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