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Sandra Rientjes  - Wikimedia Nederland
The Wikimedia Nederland chapter report on May and June is available on Meta:


It is also included in this message as plain text.


*Survey among the editing community of Dutch language Wikipedia

WMNL commissioned a survey to get insight into how the Wikipedia community
experiences the working atmosphere on NL-Wikipedia, the views of editors on
the low number of women who contribute to Wikipedia, and the recruitment
and retention of new editors. Two years ago WMNL also surveyed the editing
community, but on different topics. From 3 to 16 June, logged-in editors
could take part in the survey via a general notice on NL Wikipedia. In
total 452 editors completed the survey: 322 Dutch, 91 Belgian en 39 other
nationalities. 51 of the respondents were female. (11%). The full results
will be available early July.


WMNL provided scholarships to three volunteers from the Netherlands to
attend the International Hackathon in Lyon. A further three volunteers have
received scholarships to attend Wikimania in Mexico City next month.

Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland

Preparations have started for organizing the 8th annual Wikimedia Nederland
Conference in November, with former WMNL chair Ziko van Dijk taking the

*Erasmus Prize

The awards ceremony for the Erasmus Prize will take place on Wednesday 25
November 2015, at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. On behalf of the
international community, three representatives will receive the award,
which is presented by the Dutch King Willem Alexander. Other Wikipedians
are welcome to attend the ceremony as a spectator. Together with the Dutch
community, WMNL has compiled the invitation list for this event. During the
week of the award ceremony, a number of other activities will take place,
such as conferences, lectures and Wikimeets. The program for this ‘Erasmus
Week’ is in development and can be found here.


*Project Nature

In May, 250 historical images of birds were added to Wikimedia Commons.
These pictures are from the book de Nederlandsche vogelen donated by our
partner Koninklijke Bibliotheek. The images can be found here. So far 145
have been used to enhance Wikipedia articles.

The project nature working group has been very active: they have made
contact with the volunteer organisation IVN to explore cooperation and are
planning activities with the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug. In both
cases, the aim is to inspire the volunteers behind these organisations to
start contributing the Wikipedia. Furthermore, the working group are
preparing an online writing event to commemorate Dutch nature conservation
pioneer J.P.Thijsse.

Wikipedian in Residence Hans Muller started work at Naturalis on May 1. He
is cooperating closely with WMNL's project nature working group.

*Project World War II

The Institute for Sound and Vision released broadcasts by Radio Oranje, the
London based radio station for the occupied Netherlands during the Second
World War. The broadcasts - in Dutch, naturally, can be heard here. Already
22 broadcasts, or just over 12%, have been added to Wikipedia articles.

*Textile project

A group of representatives from Dutch cultural institutions, with support
from WMNL, has initiated a project to improve Wikipedia articles about
textiles, primarily on Dutch Wikipedia. It appears that articles about
basic textile techniques (weaving methods, types of fabrics, materials used
for the production of textiles) still need a lot of improvement. Activities
will include Creation of a structured wishlist and action list of articles
to be written and improved. Guidelines for articles about textiles.
Edit-a-thons with Wikimedians and textile experts from Dutch and Belgian
museums. Image donations, especially of close-up images of textile types
and techniques which are still missing on Wikimedia Commons. If possible:
release of reliable out-of-copyright sources. More information can be found
on the projectpage

*Wiki Loves Monuments

After a one year break in 2014, when WMNL organized the photography contest
Wiki Loves Earth, the Wiki Loves Monuments working group is getting ready
to organise Wiki Loves Monuments once again this year. Even though here was
no contest last year, a lot of work was done to prepare the list of
municipal monuments for this year's event.


The gendergap taskforce has finalized the projectplan for the Dutch
Gendergap project. Our plan has two main goals:increase the number of
articles on women subjects & recruitment of female editors. In June we have
had a very positive follow-up meeting with ATRIA, the institute for gender
history, to discuss possible cooperation in this project.

*Wikipedia and libraries

The Royal Library, WMNL, and several public libraries are discussing a
pilot project on Wikipedia in the Library; a project very similar to the
successful Catalonia’s Network of Public Libraries. We reached out to
Amical to discuss their experiences and we hope to incorporate those in our
project in the future. The project also builds on, and will likely expand,
the scope of the already-running Wiki Loves Eemland library project.

*Education programme: trainees translate Wikipedia articles

On 1 May, Arjen Lock and Eveline Poser started as translation trainees for
the Wikipedia Education program. Arjen and Eveline are students from the
ITV School of Translators and Interpreters, for Russian and German
respectively . The coming months they will be translating articles
suggested by Wikipedians following an appeal by WMNL in De Kroeg (the
NL-Wikipedia's Village Pump). Arjen and Eveline will not post their
translations on Wikipedia themselves. The Wikipedian who requested a
translation remains responsible for processing the translation. More
information, and the first translated articles are available on the

*Education programme: Students of Maastricht University working on the On
Expedition project

At Maastricht University (NL), a bachelor research course titled On
Expedition was organized from February- June 2015. During the course,
students were assigned to read and analyze a travel report from the
collection of the Maastricht Jesuit Library. In addition, they were invited
to contribute some of their acquired knowledge to Wikipedia and, if
relevant, donate digitized illustrations from the books to Wikimedia
Commons. The course was attended by international students, which resulted
in articles on the Dutch, French, English and German Wikipedia.

*Expedition Wikipedia closing seminar

The Expedition Wikipedia Wikipedian in Residence project took place in
2014. Ten Dutch university museums and collections and the Tropenmuseum
contributed media to Wikimedia Commons, with a relation to the general
theme of expeditions, and journeys of discovery. Wikipedian in Residence
(WiR) was Sandra Fauconnier (User:Spinster). On 28 May 2015, the project
was formally closed with a seminar on shared authority.

*Freedom of panorama

WMNL has been working with other chapters and the EU Free Knowledge
Advocacy Group in creating awareness of the proposed harmonisation of
copyright throughout the EU, and in particular of the proposed changes in
regulations on the so-called “freedom of panorama”. A amendment proposed by
a Member of the European Parliament would have resulted in freedom of
panorama being restricted in as many as 16 EU member states. We produced a
blogpost and issued a press release, (together with Kennisland]. We also
sent a letter to Dutch MEPs urging them to take action on this matter. An
overview of publicity on this matter can be found here.


*Seminar for information professionals on working with Wikipedia

The KNVI (Royal Society of Information Professionals) organised a seminar
to inspire librarians and other information professionals to cooperate with
Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. WMNL director Sandra Rientjes
gave a presentation, as did representatives of WMNL partners National
Archives, Royal Library and Institute for Sound and Vision. A report can be
found here (in Dutch).


The WMNL newsletter for May and June were sent out to the subscribers.


*WMF site visit

Garfield Byrd, WMF Chief of Finance and Administration, visited WMNL June
8-10. As part of their commitment to due diligence, WMF staff make site
visits to major grantees every 2 - 3 years. Garfield was pleased with the
progess WMNL had made in professionalising its financial systems since his
visit in 2013.

*Wikimedia Conference Berlin

WMNL Boardmembers Frans Grijzenhout (chair) and Ad Huikeshoven
(international affairs), and ED Sandra Rientjes attended the Wikimedia
Conference in Berlin.

*Message to donors

We sent out a letter to all the people who have donated to WMNL over the
past six months, informing them of our activities and thanking them for
their support.


The Institute for Sound and Vision published the results of research into
the audience reached by GLAM institutions when they share their collections
via the Wikimedia projects.
Sandra Rientjes
Directeur/Executive Director Wikimedia Nederland

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