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[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Foundation statement on new Hong Kong security laws

Sherwin Siy
Dear all:

As some of you might already be aware, the Chinese government has recently
passed and started implementing a new national security law applicable in
Hong Kong which prohibits a broad range of speech and grants wide-ranging
surveillance powers to authorities. We are concerned that this law may have
serious implications for protection of the privacy of users on Wikipedia
and other projects operated by the Foundation, potentially enabling
authorities to request personal user data.

After consultation and discussion, the Foundation’s Legal Department has
prepared a public statement in response to this law and the potential
threats to Wikipedia user privacy. We encourage you to review and share
this statement with anyone who may be interested or impacted:

We take protection of your data very seriously, and we will continue to
defend our values around user privacy with any government, as we have in
the past. Our thoughts are with our community in Hong Kong who are directly
facing these new challenges.  We hope this statement will make clear that
we stand with them and will strive to protect their right to digital

Thank you,

Sherwin Siy (he/him)
Senior Public Policy Manager
Wikimedia Foundation
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