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[Wikimedia-l] "The Director of the Wikipedia Community"?

Ziko van Dijk-3

Allow me some notes on the rebranding of the Wikimedia movement. It
seems that the issue becomes larger and larger, as we receive signals
that the challenge is not only to use the brands differently or invent
new brands, but also to reform the movement and its organizations (?).

Also, the "Strategic Direction" hints that the term "community" will
be used for more than for the editing community(-ies) of today. That
everything and everybody will be "community" in future ("and beyond").

This makes the "rebranding" more and more complicated. And it seems -
I like to be corrected - that in external relations both "Wikipedia"
and "community" will be much more in use. So does that mean that, in
future, the director of the Wikimedia Foundation will become the
"director of the Wikipedia community" in external relations?

In general, I understand that the only well-known brand of the
Wikimedia movement is "Wikipedia" and that we should make good use of
it. I just wonder about the consequences for the movement, and how to
indicate relatedness and otherness between the different entities and

Kind regards

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