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Sandra Rientjes  - Wikimedia Nederland
*There now is a learning pattern
suggestions on how to prevent sensory overload at Wikimedia events.*

Last year, there was a short discussion
wikimedia-l concerning sensory overload.  Sensory overload occurs when
somebody experiences over-stimulation from the environment: loud noise,
several people talking at once, crowded or cluttered spaces, flashing

People who are susceptible to sensory overload can experience upsetting
symptoms such as "shutting down" or getting overexcited, difficulty
focusing and concentrating, irritability, sleeplessness and fatigue.

Over the past year, Wikimedia Nederland has been gathering suggestions
on how to make Wikimedia events comfortable places to be for people who are
susceptible to sensory overload.

The results can be found in a learning pattern
on Meta. We hope this is useful for everyone organising events.

Sandra Rientjes
Directeur/Executive Director Wikimedia Nederland

tel.    (+31) (0)30 3200238 (ma, di, do)
mob. (+31) (0)6  31786379 (wo, vrij)


Mariaplaats 3
3511 LH  Utrecht
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