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Wikipedia citations from worldwide patents - New results/data

cyril verluise
Hello all,

I am new to the wikipedia researcher community, so I hope that I'm not
mis-using this list.

Together with Pr. G. de Rassenfosse <>, we are working
on an open-source project to extract, parse and consolidate worldwide
Patent citations. This is PatCit, and you can learn more about it on the
project GitHub <> and in this short

*Patent to wiki citations*
Specifically, we found ~100k wiki citations (with a large majority of
wikipedia articles) stemming from worldwide patents. We have parsed these
citations (item, date, url, hostname) and made the dev table publicly
available on BigQuery (see fp_wiki_dev
A short presentation of this specific work is available here

*We need you!*
Since we are new to the wikipedia research questions, we are looking for
feedback, discussion, etc on how to make these data a true asset for the
The project is thought to be by and for the community and we are deeply
committed to open-source/access and FAIR principles. The overarching
objective of the project is  to stimulate interdisciplinary research to
help better understand the various forms and dynamics of innovation.

Happy for feedback, discussion,etc. Feel free to send us an email.



Cyril Verluise

PhD Candidate - Paris School of Economics

Fellow - Coll├Ęge de France
[hidden email]
[image: twitter] <>
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