Wikipedia gets Map links and Geoshapes service

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Wikipedia gets Map links and Geoshapes service

Yuri Astrakhan-2
Dear community, this week we enabled <maplink> support on all Wikipedia and
sister projects.  This means that now an article can have a link to a map,
and that map may contain highlighted regions and popups with information.

Our next step is to add an informational sidebar to the map, similar to
what is being shown on the "geohack" page (map link in the upper right
corner of most location articles).  Check out proposed screenshots [2]

We now also have a geoshapes service. So if Open Street Maps community has
defined a region and assigned it a Wikidata ID, you can draw it on the map
with that ID. Or you can use Wikidata Query Service (via SPARQL language),
to query for those IDs and draw them on the map, coloring them and adding
popup information. [3] Geoshapes can also be used for the graphs. [4]

[1] Maps docs:
[2] sidebar prototype:
[3] US Governors
[4] Graph geoshapes
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