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[Wikipedia-l] 2 New Drafts: Wikipedia Leadership and History

Joseph Reagle
Comments on these drafts are most welcome!


    * Wikipedia's Heritage: Vision, Pragmatics, and Happenstance -
       moving on from my earlier consideration of print publishers in
       Four Short Stories about the Reference Work, I consider recent
       digital encycopedic works:

     This essay explores development of globally available digital
     reference works from their first imaginings to contemporary cases.
     My hope in undertaking such a project is to identify technical and
     social aspects of digital reference work production that can
     contribute to an understanding of a prominent contemporary
     exemplar, the Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia. Why did it
     take over 50 years for the vision of "[w]holly new forms of
     encyclopedias" (Bush 1945: 8 to be realized? The answer,
     presented in this essay, was that it required an alignment of a
     coherent goal, technical practicality, and serendipity: vision,
     pragmatics, and happenstance. ...

 * Do as I do: leadership in the Wikipedia

     In this paper I consider how notions of leadership operate in
     collaborative on-line cultures. In particular, I consider the
     seemingly paradoxical, or perhaps merely playful, juxtaposition of
     informal tyrant-like titles (e.g., "Benevolent Dictator") in
     otherwise seemingly egalitarian voluntary content production
     communities such as the Wikipedia. To accomplish this, I first
     introduce the Wikipedia as an open content community and review
     existing literature on the role of leadership in such communities.
     I then relate ethnographic and archival data on how leadership is
     understood, performed, and discussed in the Wikipedia community. I
     conclude by integrating concepts from existing literature and my
     own findings into a theory of leadership and note other communities
     and leaders against which this theory could be tested. ...

Regards,          http://www.mit.edu/~reagle/
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