Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales speaking in SF this FRIDAY, Apr. 14

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Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales speaking in SF this FRIDAY, Apr. 14

Rich Morin
Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales will be speaking in SF this FRIDAY, Apr. 14


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 Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 12:12:58 -0700
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  Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales this FRIDAY, Apr. 14 (for forwarding)

 Vision is one of the strongest forms of long-term thinking.

 Like any project, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia deploys month-to-month
 tactics in the service of year-to-year strategy.  Both must serve an
 ambitious decade-to-decade vision, stated by founder JIMMY WALES:
"Wikipedia is
 first and foremost an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia
 the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their

 The English language edition of Wikipedia, which started in January 2001,
 reached its millionth article last month.  A year ago it was half that.
 are 123 other language editions active, with German (350,000 articles),
 Polish, and Japanese leading the way. The editing process is radically
 source"--- anyone can edit any article.  Article authors and amenders get
 pay and no public credit.  Against reason, the process works spectacularly.
 Wikipedia has become the primary online research source.  It currently
 $320,000 a quarter to produce.

 For the talk on Friday, Wales is expanding on his usual Wikipedia-only
 presentation to address the larger and longer picture that Wikipedia's
 hints at:

 "Vision: Wikipedia and the Future of Free Culture," Jimmy Wales, Cowell
 Theater, Fort Mason, San Francisco, 7pm, Friday, April 14.  The lecture
 promptly at 7:30pm.  Admission is free ($10 donation welcome as always, not

 NOTE ON SECURING A SEAT:  This talk may be very popular, with the
 of an overflow audience.  You can ensure yourself a seat by making a
 reservation, which costs $5 a person.  Reserve through Long Now's home page
 ( or phone 415-561-6582. Reservations will stop
 taken at 4:30 pm April 14.  Apart from reserved seats, which must be
 by 7:20 pm at the event or be released, seating is
first-come-first-served, and
 admission is free.

 (This reservation service is offered in an attempt to avoid previous
 with exceptionally popular talks.  Jared Diamond and Brian Eno, for
 had far more people at the door than could fit inside, and many went away
 frustrated.  Anticipating that problem at a joint talk by Freeman, Esther,
 George Dyson, Long Now offered the ability to make reservations by phone.
 People then filled the house with what turned out to be illusory
 My email about that discouraged other people from showing up, and we wound
 with half a house.  So this time there's a financial incentive to make only
 sincere reservations.  The Cowell Theater seats 400, with room for another
 in the lobby watching on live TV.  My email to this list on Friday will
 your prospects of getting in by just showing up.  Reserved seats not filled
 will by released at 7:20pm, ten minutes before showtime.)

 This is one of a monthly series of Seminars About Long-term Thinking
 by The Long Now Foundation, usually on second Fridays, usually at Fort
 If you would like to be notified by email of forthcoming talks, please
 Simone Davalos--- [hidden email], 415-561-6582.

 You are welcome to forward this note to anyone you think might be

  --Stewart Brand

 PS.  Much of Kevin Kelly's March talk, "The Next 100 Years of Science:
 Long-term Trends in the Scientific Method," is now available in text form,
 his great slides, at .


 Stewart Brand -- [hidden email]
 The Long Now Foundation -
 Seminar downloads:

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