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Ananth Subray
Dear Wikimedians,

We are having the Wikisource training on 23rd and 24th of January 2019 at
Samskrita Bharati, Aksharam, Bengaluru. I request all the interested
participants to take part in the event and make it a grand success. The
following things will be thought during this event.

   - Introduction to Wikisource and better understanding, scope, and future
   of Wikisource.
   - A brief introduction to the Wikisource work process.
   - Upload tools and Copyrights
   - OTRS process
   - OCR4Wikisource and Indic OCR
   - Proofreading methods and Tools required.
   - Wikisource tools, gadgets
   - Uses of special pages
   - Transclusion
   - Wikidata linkage

You can know more about this event here

Thanks and Regards,


Programme Associate

Access to Knowledge program

The Centre for Internet & Society

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