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Wikizine News - Year: 2011 Week: 38 Number: 128

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Year: 2011  Week: 38  Number: 128


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Wikizine ===

[Your reports] - Post your news for the next edition of Wikizine on  
Meta or in our Google form.

=== Movement ===

[Wikinews fork] - The Open Globe, a Wikinews fork, has been announced.  
The fork produced much discussion on Foundation-l about the causes of  
the fork, Wikimedia Foundation support for projects other than  
Wikipedia, and the nature of Wikinews.

[Wiki Loves Monuments] - 15,000 images from Wiki Loves Images and counting.

[Hungarian Wikipedia] - Hungarian Wikipedia reached 200,000 articles.

[Image filter "referendum"] - Discussions on image filter still  
ongoing (similar size of the foundation-l archive for the half of  
September in comparison to the whole August). They escalated last  
week. The German Wikipedia opened a poll which ends today. As of  
Tuesday morning, more than 85% (340:56) of voters are against  
implementation of an image filter on the German Wikipedia. "Next  
steps" for the de.wp community are in the process of analysis.

=== Technical news ===

[Translation rally] - Wikimedia Netherlands sponsors  
to run a translation rally.

[Wiki Golf] - Proprietary computer game "Wiki Golf" features "six  
degrees of separation" on Wikipedia.

=== Foundation ===

[August report] - Wikimedia Foundation published August report.

[Wikipedia Sepedi] - Wikipedia in Northern Sotho or Sepedi has been approved.

[Donate wiki] - Donate wiki has been opened. However, still redirects to Wikimedia Foundation Donate  

=== Chapters ===

[Wikimedia DC becomes chapter] - Board has recognized Wikimedia DC as  
36th Wikimedia chapter and the second chapter in the United States.

[Wikipedia club at University in Mexico] - In a guest post on Gerard  
Meijssen's blog, Leigh Thelmadatter presents the Wikipedia club at  
University in Mexico.

[Wikimedia UK's CEO] - Wikimedia UK asks Wikimedians to help them to  
choose a CEO.

[WikiConference India] - WikiConference India is warming up. It will  
be held in Mumbai between November 18th and 20th.

[Wikimedia Canada] - Wikimedia Canada offers scholarships for  
Wikipedia articles in medicine.

[Wikimedia UK and Institute of Physics] - Wikimedia UK members visited  
the Institute of Physics.

==== Chapters reports ====

[Wikimedia India] - Wikimedia India has published its fifth report.

[Wikimedia Sweden] - Wikimedia Sweden has published its report for  
August 2011.

=== Science ===

[Wikimedia Summer of Research] - Findings from the Wikimedia  
Foundation Summer of Research are now available.

[Pupils love, teachers hate Wikipedia] - On his blog, Ziko van Dijk  
describes research by Wikimedia Germany about the use of Wikipedia by  
teachers and students.

[Wikipedia in Liberal Arts Classroom] - National Institute for  
Technology in Liberal Education has published a good article on  
Wikipedia in liberal arts classrooms.

[Breaking news trends] - Ushahidi, a non-profit software company from  
Africa, has started a project to track breaking news trends on  

=== Media ===

[Wikipedia Signpost] - New edition of Wikipedia Signpost has been  
published. In this edition you can find stories: Foundation reports on  
research, Kenya trip, Mumbai Wikiconference, 9/11 anniversary casts  
its shadow on the wiki, A minimalist makeover and so on.

=== Events and meetups ===

[21 August - 6 October] - Stewards election.
** [21 August - 6 October] - Questions to candidates.
** [15 September - 6 October] - Voting.

[14-16 September] - [New Orleans Hackathon] - New Orleans Hackathon  
will take place between October 14th and 16th.

[16 September] - Hong Kong 57 meetup

[16-25 September] - Wikipedia Takes Mittelhessen, Germany

[17 September] - Wikipedia Takes Barcelona will be held on September 17th.

[17 September] - Wiki Takes Amersfoot (Netherlands) will take place on  
September 17th.

[17 September] - Wikipedia takes Fremantle (Australia) will be held on  
September 17th.

[17 September] - Manchester meetup

[17 September] - Berkeley Wikipedia Meetup

[18 September] - Wikipedia Takes Andorra

[24 September] - Wiki Takes de Zaan (Netherlands) will be held on  
September 24th.

[24 September] - Wikipedia Takes Göteborg, Sweden

[24 September] - Wikipedia Takes Porto, Portugal

[24-25 September] - Polish Wikipedia community, supported by Wikimedia  
Polska, is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the project  
(founded on September 26, 2001) with a conference to be held on  
September 24-25, in Poznan, Poland. (Google translate)

[25 September] - Wikipedia Takes Cologne, Germany

[25 September] - Wikipedia Takes Lisbon, Portugal

[30 September] - The last day of the project Wiki Loves Monuments for  
this year is September 30th.

[1 October] - A Backstage Pass tour is an event aimed at sharing the  
expertise of real-world cultural institutions with our wiki-expertise.  
Wikimedia UK organizes it at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry,  

[1 October] - Washington DC meetup #23. Wiki DC board elections.

: Meetups are filled from Wikipedia:Meetup page at English Wikipedia.  
Please, add your meetup there and it will be published by Wikizine.  
: GLAM-related events are held on Outreach Wiki. If you add your  
GLAM-related event there, it will be published in Wikizine.  
: For other events, please post them on our events page or send us  
email with short description of your event.  

=== Quote ===

"United we stand; divided we fall."

Aesop in "The Four Oxen and the Lion", Fables, also known as "The Lion  
and the Bulls"

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