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Wikizine News - Year: 2011 Week: 39 Number: 129

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         Year: 2011  Week: 39   Number: 129

            An independent internal news bulletin
         for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[Babel on all Wikis] - There are a great deal of templates and signs  
that one can put on there user page. One of the most useful are the  
Babel-templates that indicate the knowledge of different languages.  
Now is there an extension active on all wikis for that. No need to  
manually setup all those templates on all wikis. The structure is  
easy; see the excellent blog posting of Mister Internationalisation  
himself - Gerard Meijssen.

[New mobile gateway] - There is a new mobile gateway active for the  
Wikipedias. The the other projects will follow. This is provided by  
new extension of MediaWiki 1.17, the software our wikis are using.  
This replaces the old mobile gateway.

[MediaWiki 1.8] - As announced in the TechFlash upgrade of the wikis  
is in progress. New functions in MediaWiki 1.8 include;
- Support for gender-specific user pages: languages that have  
different words for User whether the user is male or female will be  
able to show the male or the female version, if the user has specified  
their gender in their preferences.
- MediaWiki 1.18 will make it easier for left-to-right and  
right-to-left text to coexist on the same page.

[Fundraiser-time?] - You could encounter the well known gigantic  
donation banner "personal appeal by ...". But no, it is not again the  
big fundraiser event. But only a banner test. If you see it then you  
where lucky. It is only at EN Wikipedia for anonymous users and  
generally only in certain countries. The tests are currently being  
conducted for 1 hour once a week. The real fundraiser will proably be  
in November. But, test or not, donations are welcome.

[Techs share knowledge] - Running a massive infrastructure like the  
WMF is using also mean that collect knowledge how to do that. In line  
with the mission of the WMF detailed information about the  
configuration of the system has been released so that others can learn  
from it.

[Operations Engineer goals] - In another post, Ryan Lane gives a  
longer story about his goals for the past year.

=== Request for help ===

[Petition to UNSECO] - Wikimedia Foundation, with full support of  
founder Jimmy Wales, is asking to support the request to the UNESCO to  
recognize Wikipedia as the first "digital World Cultural Heritage  
Site". Over 51,000 people have signed the petition already. Your are  
suggested to spread the word of this petition (after you signed) by  
all the communication channels of the modern day. If you sign the  
petition need to confirm by a link send by e-mail

[Sign-up for translation] - Frequently there are messages that need to  
be translated in, if possible, all the languages of the projects. If  
you like to volunteer to be a translator you can register yourself  
(see link) so when you are needed you can be contacted.

=== Bureaucracy ===

[Stewards election] - You can vote in the election for new stewards  
until 6 October. According to the present situation, 9 Wikimedians  
have a good chance to become stewards: Axpde, Bencmq, Bennylin,  
Quadell, Quentinv57, Teles, Trijnstel, Vituzzu and Wikitanvir.

=== Movement ===

[German Wikipedia] - On 15 September a poll on the German Wikipedia  
questioning participants about the proposed image filter was closed.  
German Wikipedians rejected implementation of an image filter on the  
German Wikipedia by a 86.23% majority (430 votes, 357 against, 57 in  
favour, 16 neutral). (proposal, arguments and  
votes) (proposal and arguments translation to  

[Germanophone WikiConvention] - Wikimedians from the three major  
German speaking countries gathered to share their knowledge about  
Wikipedia, Wikimedia and other wikis at the first ?WikiConvention?.  
More than 170 participants attended. (in German) (in German)

[Deletionism] - "Wikipedia needs to return to simplicity" is a blog  
post by Urpo Lankinen in which the author explains why deletionism is  

[European Year of Volunteering 2011] - On September 12, 2011 a group  
of Polish Wikimedians took part in an open public event of the  
European Year of Volunteering in Warsaw.

=== Foundation ===

[WMF; no test] - The Wikimedia Foundation declined to allow developers  
to make a trial for restricting non-autoconfirmed users from creating  
articles on English Wikipedia. The rejection comes despite the support  
of around 2/3 of involved participants (~500 editors took a part).  
Discussion about the proposal on English Wikipedia started on 3 April  
2011 and concluded on 27 May. Discussion about the implementation  
started on 11 July and concluded on 18 August. A bugzilla bug request  
was filled on 3 August, but developers refused to implement it. On 14  
September Erik Moeller said that "[WMF] believe that creating a  
restriction of this type is a strong a statement of exclusion, not  
inclusion, and that it will confuse and deter good faith editors" and  
rejected the proposal, which sparked long discussion and resignation  
by community.

[Board minutes] - The Board has published minutes from Wikimania  
meeting of 3 August.

=== Chapters ===

[WM UK grants] - Wikimedia UK gives scholarships for traveling to the  
Wikimedia India conference for Wikimedians from UK. Deadline for  
applications is 27 September, 19:30 BST (UTC+1).

[Wikipedia promo] - Wikimedia Sverige will be present at the  
Gothenburg Book Fair, around 100,000 visitors are expected to come by  
so it will be busy. WM Sverige has made 3 short silent movies to play  
at there stand. Because the are silent the can be used easily also by  
other Chapters, Wikimedia events. Wikimedia Sverige is even willing to  
localize it for you on request.

==== Chapters reports ====

[Wikimedia UK] - Wikimedia UK has published August 2011 report.

[Wikimedia Philippines] - Wikimedia Philippines published annual  
report for 2010.

=== Science ===

[Wikimedia Ambassador survey] - Results from first Wikipedia  
Ambassador survey released by WMF.

[Wikipedia on WikiSym 2011] - The technical session during WikiSym  
2011 "Understanding Wikipedia" will feature four presentations:  
"WP:Clubhouse? An Exploration of Wikipedia?s Gender Imbalance",  
"Gender Differences in Wikipedia Editing", "Finding Patterns in  
Behavioral Observations by Automatically Labeling Forms of Wikiwork in  
Barnstars" and "What Wikipedia Deletes: Characterizing Dangerous  
Collaborative Content".

[Wikipedia's gender imbalance] - Paper "Clubhouse? An Exploration of  
Wikipedia?s Gender Imbalance" from Wikisym 2011 has been published.  
The CBC interviewed Sue Gardner and published a story about it.

=== Media ===

[Wikipedia Signpost] - A new edition of the Wikipedia Signpost has  
been published. Harry Burt (User:Jarry1250), the Signpost's  
editor-in-chief, leaves the Signpost to User:SMasters and  
User:Skomorokh, as his studies are going to begin soon. In this  
edition you can read the following stories and more: On the Wikinews  
fork, Back to school, ArbCom narrowly rejects application to open new  
case and so on.

=== Anniversaries ===

[Slovak Wikipedia] - 23 September 2003 is the best possible  
approximation of the date when the Slovak Wikipedia was created  
[1][2]. Slovak is a West Slavic language [3][4] spoken by 7 million  
people, mostly in Slovakia. Slovak Wikipedia has more than 127,000  
articles [5] and more than 550 active users. Statistics [6] shows that  
Slovak Wikipedia is among the stable projects, which have a more or  
less constant number of new, active and very active Wikipedians.


[Waray-Waray Wikipedia] - On 25 September the Waray-Waray  
Wikipedia[1][2] will be six years old. Waray-Waray[3] is an  
Austronesian language[3][4] spoken by 3.1 million inhabitants of  
Visayas[5] and Masbate[6] provinces of Philippines. It is used as a  
trade language, too. The Waray-Waray Wikipedia has more than 102,000  
articles. Counting the number of speakers and considering the economic  
situation in Philippines, Waray-Waray Wikipedia is quite an active and  
successful project [7][8] (note the increase of new editors in 2010 in  
comparison to the number of new articles added to Wikipedia). Here is  
a short story about the beginnings of the Waray-Waray Wikipedia by  
war:User:Harvzs [9], the initiator of the Waray-Waray Wikipedia.
''The proposal for the Waray-Waray Wikipedia was made on or about June  
23, 2005.  The native speakers who volunteered to help edit was myself  
(User:Harvzsf in Meta) and User:v.oyzon.  User:Katimawan2005 and  
User:Bentong from the Kapampangan and Cebuano Wikipedias were also  
among those who lent their support.  The test-wikipedia was set up in  
Meta shortly after although test wikipedias weren't mandatory at that  
time and Incubator hadn't been in existence.  The reason for the test  
Wikipedia was for the double purpose of creating content in the event  
that the request to create the wiki was granted and also to get some  
practice on how to create and edit the wiki.  The Waray Wikipedia was  
created on or about September 24, 2005 along with the Neapolitan and  
Judeo-Spanish/Ladino Wikipedias. By a coincidence, the ISO codes for  
the 3 wikipedias coincided with actual one-syllable words in the  
English language war, nap and lad respectively :) )  Shortly after, I  
obtained administrator rights on the Waray-Waray Wikipedia.  Ten days  
after the Waray-Waray Wikipedia was created, it reached 100 articles  
(the 100th article was [[war:Guiuan, Eastern Samar]]).''


[Polish Wikipedia] - On 26 September the Polish Wikipedia [1][2] Will  
be 10 years old. Polish is a West Slavic language spoken by more than  
40 million speakers [3][4], mostly from Poland. With more than 831,000  
articles [5], the Polish Wikipedia is the fifth largest Wikipedia by  
number of articles. During its first years of existence, the Polish  
Wikipedia was filled with a lot of bot-generated articles, which  
created significant positive feedback from Polish speakers and made  
the Polish Wikipedian community one of the most vital ones [6].

Wikimedia Poland [7][8] was created on 15 August 2005 thanks to the  
work of Polish Wikipedians. Wikimedia Poland recognizes its 10th  
anniversary of the project by organizing a conference to be held on  
September 24-25, in Poznan, Poland [9][10].

:[6] (cf. new  
articles per day and new editors)
:[10] (Google translate)

Press release of Wikimedia Poland is below:

:''The Polish Wikipedia was founded on September 26, 2001, being the  
eighth eldest Wikipedia to be established. Over the years, Polish  
Wikipedians have created over 830,000 articles, of which almost 500  
have received a "Featured Article" status and additional 1,000 being  
categorised as "Good Articles".''

:''In a continuation of the year-long celebration of the 10th  
anniversary of Wikipedia, the Polish Wikipedia community is going to  
celebrate the 10th birthday of the project, with a conference being  
held on September 24?25 in Pozna?, Poland. Two weeks earlier, on  
September 10, the public exhibition of the winning POTY (Picture of  
the Year) pictures has been opened in one of the most prestigious  
shopping and art centres in Poland, the Stary Browar (Old Brewery). 16  
pictures, chosen by Wikimedians from all over the world in an annual  
POTY contest, are shown at the exhibition, with descriptions provided  
in Polish, English and German.''

:''The conference will take place in the heart of the very best  
location in Pozna?. It will be open to the public, as one of the main  
goals of the organisers is to involve people from outside the  
Wikimedia movement; therefore, the conference is heavily advertised in  
the local media, with increasing daily press coverage.''

:''The event will consist of about 15 presentations and talks about  
Wikipedia. They will discuss Wikipedia's place in court judgements;  
Wikipedia's role as a source of information; the now-hot topic of  
women in the Wikipedia community, and many more topics. They will take  
an outside look at Wikipedia with a public screening of the  
documentary film ''Truth in Numbers?'', which will be followed by a  
discussion, a short surprise from the organising team, and the real  
celebration: a massive Wikipedia birthday cake.''

:''The Polish chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation has generously  
decided to refund the costs of coming to the conference for  
Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe; as of September 20, 13  
Wikipedians from Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary,  
Russia, Ukraine and even Philippines have signed up for the  
conference. If you can't join us and you understand some Polish, don't  
worry ? all talks from the conference will be streamed live on a  
special Internet radio. After the event, all talks ? audio and video ?  
will be released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 licence and made available  

:''Polish Wikipedians hope to have a great event, and even if you  
can't join them, please keep your fingers crossed!''

=== Stats ===

*[RU WP] Russia Wikipedia has overtaken Japanese Wikipedia by the  
articles' count on 21 September 2011.
: -- RU Wikipedia

=== Events and meetups ===

[24 September] - Wiki Takes de Zaan (Netherlands) will be held on  
September 24th.

[24 September] - Wikipedia Takes Göteborg, Sweden

[24 September] - Wikipedia Takes Porto, Portugal

[24-25 September] - Polish Wikipedia community, supported by Wikimedia  
Polska, is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the project  
(founded on September 26, 2001) with a conference to be held on  
September 24-25, in Poznan, Poland. (Google translate)

[25 September] - Wikipedia Takes Cologne, Germany

[25 September] - Wikipedia Takes Lisbon, Portugal

[3-5 October] - WikiSym - The International Symposium on Wikis and  
Open collaboration -2011 with the session "Understanding Wikipedia".

=== Wikizine ===

[Your reports] - Post your news for the next edition of Wikizine on  
Meta or in our Google form.

=== Quote ===

"Wikinews: Just because we wrote it in our pyjamas doesn't mean you  
shouldn't take us seriously." -- IRC quote

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