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Wikizine News - Year: 2011 Week: 40 Number: 130

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         Year: 2011  Week: 40    Number: 130

            An independent internal news bulletin
         for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Movement ===

[30 September] - The last day of the project Wiki Loves Monuments for  
this year is September 30th. So if you still have pictures of  
monuments, it is not yet to late to share them on Commons and maybe  
win a prize. Currently there are already more then 125,000 new  
pictures added to commons in this one month of Wikimedia Loves  
Monuments. Yes - 125,000 - that is correct. And ... one country is  
{{done}} -  Andorra has now 100% of the monuments photographed!

[Image filter] - Discussion about ethical problems with image filter  
implementation on Wikisource started by John Vanderberg, one of the  
most active Wikisource editors and the chair of Wikimedia Australia.

=== Technical news ===

[Automatic photo orientation] - Brion Vibber informs us about  
automatic photo orientation in MediaWiki 1.18. At least if the  
orientation information is available in the EXIF-information.

[New look on statistics] - Erik Zachte created a new new look for  
Wikimedia statistics. Interpretation of data in editorial of this  
week's Opinion edition.

[Wikimedia India conference] - India Hackathon 2011 will be held  
during Wikimedia India conference (18-20 November).

=== Foundation ===

[Google Summer of Code] - Sumana Harihareswara, WMF's Volunteer  
Development Coordinator, published a report on Wikimedia-related  
projects from the Google Summer of Code.

[Jon Harald Søby becomes Community Fellow] - Jon’s fellowship will run  
until February 2012. His project priorities include recruiting and  
coordinating more translators for more languages, building pages and  
processes that make it easier for new volunteers to get started, and  
improving systems for producing high-quality translations. 
-- Sign up to be a translator

==== Jimmy Wales ====

[London startup competition] - Jimmy is leading the jury for a new  
startup funding event kicking off in London this December.

[On Wikipedia and Facebook] - Jimmy on Wikipedia and Facebook for The  
Huffington Post.

[Why 'like' button isn't enough?] - Jimmy thinks that the 'like'  
button isn't enough.

=== Chapters ===

[Wikimedia India] - Wikimedia India opened blog.

[Wikimedia Germany] - Wikimedia Germany published the book "Alles über  
Wikipedia – und die Menschen hinter der größten Enzyklopädie der  
Welt", which is the first ever book in the catalogue of a traditional  
German publisher that is published under a free license.

[Wikimedia Poland] - Wikimedia Poland celebrated 10 years of the  
Polish Wikipedia. The Polish media covered the event.,Polish_Wikipedia_is_10_Years_Old,id,461162.htm,Polish-Wikipedia-marks-10th-anniversary

[Wiki Loves Monuments] - Wiki Loves Monuments officially ends on 30  
September, although there will be some events after the official end.

[Wiki Takes Cologne] - Wiki took Cologne, Germany in one of the last  
events of this year's Wiki Loves Monuments campaign. Jimmy Wales got  
Leonardo Award in Cologne. (in German)

[Wikimedia UK CEO] - Jon Davies is the new CEO of Wikimedia UK.

[Wikimedia UK charity status] - Wikimedia UK wants to get charity  
status. It will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (a formal and  
required step for the organization) on 16 October to organize those  

=== Languages ===

[The difference #Urdu makes] - Gerard Meijssen published a blog post  
on Philippe Beaudette's blog about Urdu writing systems.

[RTL support] - Amir Aharoni wrote on Gerard Meijssen's blog about  
MediaWiki RTL support during the upgrade to the version 1.18.

[Better localization support] - Niklas Laxström presents a new way of  
localization in MediaWiki.

=== Media ===

[Wikipedia Signpost] - A new Wikipedia Signpost has been published. In  
this edition you can read: Opinion essay: The global mission, the  
image filter and the “German question”, WikiProject Automobiles, Top  
female Wikipedians, reverted newbies, WikiSym previews and so on.

=== Anniversaries ===

[1 October] - Newari Wikipedia will become five years old. Newari or  
Nepal Bhasa or Newah Bhaye is a Sino-Tibetan language of Tibeto-Burman  
branch spoken by more than 800,000 people, mostly in Nepal. Newari  
Wikipedia has around 70,000 content pages, but it is barely active.

[Other anniversaries] - During the next month the Korean and Malay  
Wikipedias will become nine years old, while Abkhaz and Albanian will  
become eight years old. Wikimedia France will become seven years old,  
while Wikimedia Sweden will become four years old.

=== Wikizine ===

[Your reports] - Post your news for the next edition of Wikizine on  
Meta or in our Google form.

=== Request for help ===

[Gopher] - Request from User:Walter who is playing around with Gopher,  
a predecessor of the World Wide Web, for a Mozilla bugreport.
:*- Are you using Mozilla Thunderbird to read this text? (email or gmange)
:If so please send an email to [hidden email] (or talk page)  
containing the following information;
:* - What operating system are you using? (Windows 7, Windows XP,  
MacOS 10.X, Slackware, Fisher Price OS)
:* - What version of Thunderbird are you using? (see "help" - "About  
:*- Does the following show up as an hyperlink or as plain text only?  
-> gopher://

=== Events and meetups ===

[21 August - 6 October] - Stewards election.
** [21 August - 6 October] - Questions to candidates.
** [15 September - 6 October] - Voting.

[19 September - 4 October] - Wikimedia servers upgrades to MediaWiki 1.18
** [19 September] - Monday, September 19, 23:00-01:00 UTC --  
Production test: – this stage will ensure that  
1.18 is compatible with the rest of our production infrastructure.  
There’s a small chance that changes here could affect all wikis.
** [21 September] - Wednesday, September 21, 23:00-03:00 UTC -- Stage  
** [26 September] - Monday, September 26, 23:00-03:00 UTC -- Stage 2:,,,,,
** [4 October] - Tuesday, October 4, 23:00-03:00 UTC -- Stage 3:  
remaining wikis.

[30 September] - The last day of the project Wiki Loves Monuments for  
this year is September 30th.

[1 October] - A Backstage Pass tour is an event aimed at sharing the  
expertise of real-world cultural institutions with our wiki-expertise.  
Wikimedia UK organizes it at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry,  

[1 October] - Washington DC meetup #23. Wiki DC board elections.

[3-5 October] - WikiSym 2011 with the session "Understanding Wikipedia".

[7-8 October] - Board meeting, San Francisco, California, USA

[8 October]: Cambridge 12 meetup

[8 October]: National Archives (Wikimedia DC meetup 24)

[14 October]: Wikimedia UK's Extraordinary General Meeting

[26-30 October] - Wikipedia conference in Esperanto will be held in  
Svitavy’s Esperanto museum, in Svitavy, Czech Republic.

=== Did you know ... ===
... what protocol relative URLs are?

Normal URLs look like: or

Both of these URLs define the protocol that will be used. Protocol  
relative URLs look like this: //
Dropping the protocol from the URL allows the browser to assign the  
current protocol to the URL. So, if you are visiting the site in HTTPS  
mode, links will point to HTTPS, and if you are visiting the site in  
HTTP mode, links will point to HTTP.

:* -- full post about this by Ryan  
:* -- protocol relative URLs are now  

=== Quote ===

"I’m sort of the anti-Julian Assange. I’m actually a nice person. I  
don’t mean to say anything negative about him, but he’s widely  
regarded as difficult." -- Jimmy Wales

Editor(s): Milos, Walter
Corrector(s): nathan
Thanks to: effeietsanders
Sources-Attributions: "Did you know" is by Ryan Lane blog post
Support: Walter
Gophersite: gopher://
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especially but not limited to, correct grammar and spelling.
Satisfaction is not guaranteed. Some content can be highly
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Those sources are listed above at "Sources-Attributions". is published by [[meta:user:Walter]].
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