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Year: 2007  Week: 48   Number: 85 Extra


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Policy ===

Most projects of the Wikimedia family, like Wikipedia, Wikibooks,  
Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikispecies and Wikiversity, are using the GNU  
Free Documentation License.

The GNU Free Documentation License was originally chosen because that  
was the available license when the first project, Wikipedia, started.  
The GNU FDL is not the most practical licence to use mainly because it  
is not designed for what the WMF projects are using it for.

An alternative for the GNU Free Documentation License are the Creative  
Commons licenses. Currently the GNU FDL is not compatible with the the  
Creative Commons licenses.

The WMF published a resolution declaring that to make them compatible  
the Wikimedia Foundation has been working with the Free Software  
Foundation and Creative Commons on a solution. The have come to  
proposal that would make it possible for the WMF project to migrate to  
the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) licence.

The resolution states;

"The Foundation requests that the GNU Free Documentation License be  
modified in the fashion proposed by the FSF to allow migration by mass  
collaborative projects to the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license;

Upon the announcement of that re-licensing, the Foundation will  
initiate a process of community discussion and voting before making a  
final decision on re-licensing."

So the WMF is asking formally to change the GNU FDL to make a  
migration possible and after that there will be a discussion and a  
vote about it.

If the projects would migrate to the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license  
then that means that you are free to share it and to change the work  
but you need to give credit to the makers of the work and share the  
work under the same or compatible license.

The reason to change to license is that a main objective of the  
projects is to create content that can be reused freely by others. The  
Creative Commons license would make that more easy to do then the  
current GNU Free Documentation License

Jimmy Wales made the announcement of the (possible) move to the  
Creative Commons license on a iCommons party in San Francisco.  In his  
speech Jimmy said;

"What I’m happy to announce tonight is that just yesterday the  
Wikimedia Foundation board voted to approve a deal between the FSF and  
CC and Wikimedia. We’re going to change the GFDL in such a way that  
Wikipedia will be able to become licensed under the Creative Commons  
Attribution-Share Alike license.

So this is not as some people speculated on facebook my 58 birthday  
party … this is the party to celebrate the liberation of Wikipedia."

This transcript comes from a blogposting with the title "Breaking  
news: Wikipedia switches to Creative Commons!".

This not exactly correct. The WMF is on the track of switching but  
first the GNU FDL needs to changed officially and the by the board  
announced discussions and community vote needs to be taking place.

So the actual move can still be a wile, like single user login or  
flagged revisions, if it ever comes.

Discussion about this has started on Foundation-l.  -- the  
resolution --  
Foundation-l discussion -- speech Jimmy +  

Editor(s): Walter
Contact: reply or
////////////////////////////////////////// makes no guarantee of accuracy,
validity and especially but not limited to,
correct grammar and spelling. is published by [[meta:user:Walter]],
and is not a publication of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Wikizine is a irregular publication as long as there is noteworthy  
news (and time)
Content is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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