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Wiktionary; let your voice be heard

Walter Vermeir-2

About some 8 months ago I started with an attempt to bring news with a
newsletter "Wikizine". I try to bring different types of news like
"Foundation", "Community", "Media" , "Technical news" and so.

So I try to bring the news for the Wikimedia family. And that includes

I am writing this fist of all to ask for your cooperation with this
newsletter. To be able to report news first the news must be known.

Wiktionary is a project where I am not at home. If no one reports what
is going on there  it is not likely I will find out about it. And
especially if it is going on other Wiktionary language editions.

So I request that if there is news about your project, especially for
the non-English editions, that you would report the news to me, to
Wikizine. Let the  readers of Wikizine know there is more then

A way to make it more likely that someone will think about Wikizine is
to put a banner on your userpage or even better on a public page and
also for the non-English Wiktionary versions.;

On the other side I try to get the news downhill to as most of the
projects and especially languages as possible.  Because of piratical
reasons Wikizine can only be in English. But it would be fantastic if
people would be willing to translate the news and share it with there

A total translation of Wikizine is great but also a lot of work. Maybe
only translating the most relevant news can be einghoud for starting.
You could work together across the different projects in the same
languages. By cross-project cooperation the work of translation can be

Just only subscribing to Wikizine only is also useful of course. Then
you at least are informed.

Reading Wikizine can by email. Just click here below and follow the
mailto:[hidden email]?subject=subscribe

Or you can also read Wikizine from the website;

Thank you for reading this and I hope to receive some news from Wiktionary!


The guy from Wikizine

To subscribe;
mailto:request at wikizine.org?subject=subscribe
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