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Gerard Meijssen-3
At the moment we are preparing for the moment where WiktionaryZ
becomes editable. Technically a lot of work is done and has been done
on the Wikidata end to make this happen. For those people who are
interested in it, a tarbal with the latest software and data is
available at http://epov.org/wd-gemet.tgz It comes with the basic
information you need to start writing your own scripts for when you
want to import your own data.

When WZ becomes editable we will be in a pre-alpha stage. We are
looking for people who are willing to help us test and build the
environment. We will start with a truly limited group of people and we
will slowly increase its size.

When you are interested, we want you to create a user and provide us
with your Babel information .. only language info ! We are working on
standardising the templates, Gangleri has done a lot of work to make
sure that languages like Farsi are readable in the templates.

We have started with the basic infrastructure to allow for Portals for
each language. The idea is to have information about a language on the
Portal in that language. At this moment we start the page by showing
what the templates for that language look like. We invite everyone to
check the text of the templates. It should be a good text in that

The levels of proficiency are from 1 to 5 . We assume that there is no
point in informing the world that you have no knowledge of each
language. So we do not have a level 0. When people inform us that they
are professionally using a language, it will be appreciated to be
informed on the user page what the profession is.

When the software allows for edits and additions, the first content
that we are interested in is to have the swadesh list for all
languages. This will be an interesting project because this has to be
done with the concepts of WiktionaryZ in mind. The swadesh list as
published is a list of expressions, this means that we should allow
for all expressions and their DefinedMeaning for all languages.. The
point of this exercise is that people will have to work together.
Because of the multilingual nature of this project it will prove
interesting to see how well we manage.

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