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again with the apostrophe - strange behavior

Hi; look at:
There is an strange behavior with a value containing ' in the property
"Nom usuari" (user name).

What I want is to show in their user pages the activities that the users

It works well for users like:

But not for the users that have an apostrophe (single quote) in his
names like Thehenry's:

He published 2 activities but only one it's showed, the one where I've
changed manually the ' by '

The template page for user pages is: 

First I tried a query with:
{{#ask: [[Categoria:Activitats]] [[Nom usuari::{{PAGENAME}}]] }}

And then with:
{{#ask: [[Categoria:Activitats]] [[Nom
usuari::{{#show:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Nom usuari# -}}]] }}

The result is the same.

In the test page you can see that taking the user name from the property
you can only show the page manually modified.

Do you thing this is a bug to be reported?
It's a SMW or MW bug?



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