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Florence Devouard-3
Some time ago, I informed you of my willingness to explore another
governance model for the organization.

Here is the (draft) result of my work:

I know the english is not very good, I was already informed. This is a
draft, and please do not hesitate to fix the language.

It is not complete of course. There are still things missing, such as
references to some policies already approved. But I guess it will allow
you to get the idea.

Now, here is what I would like you to focus upon MOSTLY.

The first part, related to the ENDS.

As a reminder, an end is
1) what we try to do
2) for which people
3) at which cost

An end may be long term (such as "hosting Wikipedia"), or it may be much
shorter term. It may be general, or it can be something very very precise.

We may have 6 ENDS this year, but 8 next year, with only 4 in commons
with this year. Generally, consider the ENDS are redefined every year.

Please help defining these goals. We can keep them "not very precise" or
make some points "very detailed". Please comment on the talk page.



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