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call for abstracts - enabling mathematical cultures, June 30 deadline for december event

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For those interested in the mathematical side of Wikipedia / other math wikis.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (deadline: 30th June 2017)

ENABLING MATHEMATICAL CULTURES, University of Oxford, 5th-7th December 2017

This workshop celebrates the completion of the EPSRC-funded project
“Social Machines of Mathematics”, led by Professor Ursula Martin at
the University of Oxford. We will present research arising from the
project, and bring together interested researchers who want to  build
upon and complement our work. We invite interested researchers from a
broad range of fields, including: Computer Science, Philosophy,
Sociology, History of Mathematics and Science, Argumentation theory,
and Mathematics Education. Through such a diverse mix of disciplines
we aim to foster new insights, perspectives and conversations around
the theme of Enabling Mathematical Cultures.

Our intention is to build upon previous events  in the “Mathematical
Cultures” series. These conferences explored diverse topics concerning
the socio-cultural, historical and philosophical aspects of
mathematics. Our workshop will, likewise, explore the social nature of
mathematical knowledge production, through analysis of historical and
contemporary examples of mathematical practice. Our specific focus
will be on how social, technological and conceptual tools are
developed and transmitted, so as to enable participation in
mathematics, as well as the sharing and construction of group
knowledge in mathematics. In particular, we are interested in the way
online mathematics, such as exhibited by the Polymath Projects,
MathOverflow and the ArXiv, enable and affect the mathematical
interactions and cultures.

We hereby invite the submission of abstracts of up to 500 words for
papers to be presented in approximately 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes
Q+A). The Enabling Mathematical Cultures workshop will have space on
Days 2 and 3 of the meeting for a number of accepted talks addressing
the themes of social machines of mathematics, mathematical
collaboration, mathematical practices, ethnographic or sociological
studies of mathematics, computer-assisted proving, and argumentation
theory as applied in the mathematical realm. Please send your
abstracts to [hidden email] by the deadline of the 30th
June 2017.

The event takes place in the Mathematical Institute of the University
of Oxford on  5th, 6th and 7th December 2017, with a dinner on 5th
December and an informal supper on 6th December.

The focus of Day 1 will be on success, failure and impact of
foundational research with an emphasis on history and long term
development. Days 2 and 3 will focus on studies of contemporary and
prospective mathematical cultures from sociological, philosophical,
educational and computational perspectives.

Confirmed speakers include: Andrew Aberdein, Michael Barany, Alan
Bundy, Joe Corneli, Matthew Inglis, Lorenzo Lane, Ursula Martin, Dave
Murray-Rust, Alison Pease and Fenner Tanswell.

Organising Committee: Ursula Martin, Joe Corneli, Lorenzo Lane, Fenner
Tanswell, Sarah Baldwin, Brendan Larvor, Benedikt Loewe, Alison Pease

Further information will be added to the website at

Previous "Mathematical Cultures" events can be found here:

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