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commonswiki_p corrupted

Commons copy on s3, s4 and s6 are corrupted. The versions at s1 and s5
are not affected.

Test case:
mysql -h $server commonswiki_p -e "SELECT page_title FROM page where

| page_title |
| Dworzec_główny_w_Gdyni.jpg |

| page_title |
| Dworzec_główny.jpg |

It looks like a range of statements from November 2012 weren't replicated.

Other tests are:

SELECT log_id, log_title, log_type, log_action FROM
logging_ts_alternative where log_namespace=6 AND
The wrong copies don't have «| 48917341 | Dworzec_główny.jpg | move |
move |» (the other 7 entries appear in both)

SELECT rev_id, rev_timestamp, rev_comment FROM revision where
The wrong copies don't have the last 4 revisions (all of them from

'Dworzec_główny_w_Gdyni_4.jpg', 'Dworzec_główny_w_Gdyni_3.jpg',
'Dworzec_główny_w_Gdyni_2.jpg' are similarly affected, shown as just
Dworzec_główny_0X.jpg in the wrong dbs.

Comparing the number of revisions per day, it seems to have fixed on
2013-11-04, with the 3 being the most noticeable (27746 revisions where
they should have been 53974), a difference of 80 revisions the previous
day, 200 on 2012-10-27...

It should be possible to just copy the db from s1.

s1 and s5 are probably sane due to the reimports on January and April.

As an unexpected thing, sql-s2 and sql-s7 don't have a commonswiki_p
copy. sql-s3 and sql-s6 don't have a commonswiki_p.revision table/view.

I created

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