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Leonardo Gregianin
Taken from the tracker, Francesco Cosoleto said:

Hi, here you find bug fixes, minor enhancements and a
new script. Please, consider if it's something of


* in def replaceExceptMathNowikiAndComments(): 'index'
variable wasn't always set right due to replace string may have group

* useful linktrails for Italian language

* Spaces inversion in wikilink ('text[ ' -> 'text
[') and remove unnecessary initial and final spaces. It treats also the
[link | label] case, but some editors seem to prefer spaces around
pipes. See [[en:Wikipedia:Semi-bots]]).

* This code is to find simple copyright violation. It
follows command line interface and requires extra modules for
web search engines. It's the core that I use to provide a copyright
violation notification service in Italian Wikipedia at the
moment readable in the page [[it:User:RevertBot/Report]]. I think work
fine with Google, unfortunately with Yahoo! gives troubles
(mistakes and SPAM in search result). It also include a link exclusion
system to discard Wikipedia clone and similar problems.



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