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deadline extension for participation in Wikipedia study

Kurt Jansson
Dear Russian Wikipedia community,

I am conducting a study of the Wikipedia communities in six different
languages for my diploma thesis. Please read my initial announcement for
more information:

I owe a big "thank you" to everybody who has helped answer my questions.

So far over 50 people across six Wikipedia communities have contributed
to their community's answers and I am grateful for their help. However,
for the study to be comprehensive I need more people to get involved.
Some communities also seem to need more time to discuss and work out the

Therefore I have extended the deadline for participation until May 13th.

I have used mailing lists and village pumps to spread the announcement
about my research questions, but every community has their own channels
for the distribution of information. So, I ask you to help get more
people involved to make sure the results accurately represent your

When phrasing the answers, please approach it as if you were writing a
Wikipedia article: try to work on joint answers that your community can
agree on. The answers don't need to be neutral in an NPOV kind of way,
but please try to give a comprehensive picture of the processes and
ideals of your community.

The questions can be found at ;
please edit the questions page to contribute.

Best wishes,

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