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disable editsection for non logged in users only

Christopher Chow
Hello, After checking this list archive and other mediawiki resources, I
think I have a work around, but the browser seems to not show the [edit]
link after a user logs in until a F5 or page refresh, so it works, but if
the user was on a page that had editable sections, then logs in, she will
not display the edit tags until the page is manually refreshed.

heres what i added, please critique as necessary as this is the first time i
have changed the php around

## added !$wgUser->getId() || to if statement.

line 298 Skin.php
if( !$wgUser->getId() || !$wgUser->getOption( 'editsection' ) ) {
            $s .= ".editsection { display: none; }\n";
        return $s;

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