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Harris, Mike
I am working on creating an extension that tries to return a list of
links to high use pages in mediawiki version 1.41.0.  I do this by
querying the recent changes tables and extracting titles for with the
namespace is 0 and it is not a minor edit.  The basic form of my
extension is <highusepages>user|10</highusepages>  Where the user is
optional and the number tell the number of pages to return.  

My query is of the form:


SELECT DISTINCT this.`rc_title`

FROM(SELECT `rc_title`

FROM `recentchanges`

WHERE `rc_namespace` = 0 AND `rc_minor` = 0

ORDER BY `rc_timestamp` DESC) this

LIMIT {$numberofPages}"


My question is that my function to run the query only runs when I edit
and save the page.  Is there anyway to have this query of function run
every time you reload the page?  Is there a better way to do this?




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