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format of timestamps

Brianna Laugher

What is the format of timestamps and how can ordinary times be
converted to them?

for example
  lestart        - The timestamp to start enumerating from.
  leend          - The timestamp to end enumerating.

I tried this:
 attempting "200701310001" to mean "2007-01-31, 00:01"

but the results say
    <logevents lestart="20070709042252" />

I had a bit of a look at the api code and found reference to TS_UNIX
and TS_MW, and I had a look at wfTimestamp, but it's all a little bit
too terse for me to figure out what's going on.

I took a guess and used this site to convert my time to a
unix timestamp, and lo & behold, the API worked. :)

So are we supposed to convert their timestamps to unix timestamp
format before they use api.php? Or is there a "human readable" way?


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