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Hey folks.

For those of you not following bug 21919, the google news sitemap
extension has progressed quite a bit. This extension was developed to
give Wikinews 2 features:
*(primarily) An alternative means of informing google what articles
are published. Currently google screen scrapes the main page, this
extension would provide a more machine readable interface for google.
*It would also provide us with per category RSS feeds that are not
toolserver hacks.

^demon recently enabled it on test wikipedia. I encourage everyone to
test it out, make sure it works etc. The url is for the xml
sitemap, and
for the rss feed. It takes several other options, similar to DPL. See for more

At the moment, the version at testwiki has two issues - the flagged
revs related options don't work, and certain system messages (things
in mediawiki namespace) are replaced with <name of message>. Hopefully
both those issues will be fixed soon. If you find anything else,
please let me know.


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