migration to the native LDAP implementation on June 27th

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| migration to the native LDAP implementation on June 27th

Alexandros Kosiaris
Hello everyone,

If you don't edit/create dashboards on feel free
to skip the rest of this email, it does not affect you. Those of you
who do, please read on.

Our grafana installation dates back quite a bit and it has a custom
LDAP authentication and authorization implementation. Nowadays Grafana
has native support for LDAP and can query LDAP groups. After some
lengthy evaluation and problem solving in, the SRE team feels ready to
deprecate the custom LDAP implementation and migrate to the native
one. What does this mean?

* (the entry point for users to
authenticate and create dashboards) will be removed
* WILL remain as is and will very only slightly
change, specifically the login menu part (see below)
* You will be logging in using a menu in the left hand side of using the exact same credentials as before.
* The grafana database user attributes email and name will be
automatically populated on login from LDAP and enforced. This is
expected to be irrelevant for almost everyone, but if you 've edited
manually your profile in grafana expect those 2 fields to be overriden
with data from LDAP.

The date for the migration is June 27th 09:00 UTC and the maintenance
window will be 3 hours long. We don't expect it to really last that
long however. Expect downtime during that


Alexandros Kosiaris <[hidden email]>

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