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Hi ! I am NehalDaveND a user of Sanskrit Wikipedia. Since long period I am going through a trouble. See here...

Please help to gain information and guide me for Image uploading.

I am a contributor of Sanskrit Wikipedia. But no one helps me in the editing. I have wrote so many articles in Sanskrit Wikipedia. see here..

I gave my best for this. But no one helps for technical things. I am very disappoint with. That's why I left editing from last two months. This is my last attempt to ask help from wikipedia or wikimedia. If you guys are not interested so who am I to do this work ? 

Please help me.....


नेहल दवे (संस्कृतभाषानुवादकः)
संस्कृतसाहित्यनिर्माणम्, अन्तर्जालद्वारा तत्प्रसारणञ्च
(गुजरातसर्वकारद्वारा मानितः प्रकल्पः)
कर्णावती (अहमदाबाद), गुजरात

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