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Peter Work
Thank you Brion, you pointed me in right direction & I solved the problem.
The session save folder was not writable by apache.

For the benefit of others ...

Info on php sessions:  http://ca3.php.net/session

1) I verified that cookies worked on my client system.
2) On the server, I found out that no session files were being created in
the folder pointed to by the "session.save_path" php variable. This is
usually a permissions problem.
3) I tested this by making the session folder world writable.  My sessions
now work properly.
4) I determined the apache "user" &  set up the permissions properly to
avoid security problems.

>>Peter Work wrote:
>>As an anonymous user, I can create new pages, edit & save articles just
>>fine. If I log in as a user or even as WikiSysop, I don't seem to be able
>>to write back to the database. The SAVE button in the edit window is
>>treated like a PREVIEW, I cannot change prefences. As WikiSysop I cannot
>>delete pages.

>PHP session support is broken on your server. Check the session save path.

>-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)

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