mod_rewrite breaks all image paths

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mod_rewrite breaks all image paths

Harald Groven
I have no problems getting MediaWiki to work together with mod_rewrite.

But my settings break all image paths !

I'm in a shared hosting environment.
The path to my MediaWiki installation is like:

$IP = "/home/1/m/myName/wiki";

in my .htaccess I use the following rewrite rule
RewriteRule ^myWikiName/?(.*)$ /wiki/index.php?title=$1 [L,QSA]

Any settings I try will either add "/home/1/m/myName/" to the image path,
or make MediaWiki try to create a wiki page with the same name as the
image. I have tried to set a $wgUploadPath that is both inside or outside
the Wiki directory, none of them removes the image path problems.

Are these problems inherent because Mediawiki is installed deep down in a
folder hierarchy on my web server, or can I solve the by modifying
LocalSettings and .htaccess ?

Harald Groven
University of Tromsø
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