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mysql - get content of subpages

I have put together a mysql call that grabs the latest content of all  
of the sub pages for an article.It seems to be working fine ... but i  
am wondering whether i'm missing something critical that may come  
back to haunt me down the road.

* Does this seem like a safe way of grabbing the latest content of  
multiple articles?

SELECT page_id, page_title, rev_text_id, text.old_text
FROM wiki_page
FROM wiki_revision
GROUP BY rev_page
ORDER BY rev_timestamp DESC
) AS rev ON page_id = rev_page
INNER JOIN wiki_text AS TEXT ON rev_text_id = text.old_id
WHERE page_namespace =0
AND page_title LIKE 'Article/%'
ORDER BY page_latest
LIMIT 0 , 30

Also ...
* Tables.sql in the maintenance folder mentions that the data in the  
text table may be compressed of encoded in a funky way. When is this  
the case? would it stop me from being able to parse the content using
$wgOut->parse($content); ?

Any insights greatly appreciated.
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