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nl.wikipedia introduces wikipedia:Wikicity

Walter van Kalken
<sarcastic mode on>

Because of 2nd life's big succes the Dutch wikipedia brings to you
Wikicity. A place where you can buy your wikihouse, designed by
wikiarchitects build with wikimoney, by wikiconstructors, build with
wikisand on the foundations costs.

It is a place ruled by christians as a mosque was immediately
wikistroyed after it was erected before the muezzin could say its
wikiprayers. Also prominent wikidweller Osama Wiki Laden's wikihouse was
immediately evicted by the wikipubers ruling wikicity.

Next they will start laying wikirails for the Wikitrams and Wikitrains
and muliple cities are planned. Also wikivillages and wikivilla's are
planned and wikicanals and wikistreams will be dug.

This will all be done from the real money paid by our real donators who
expect an effort to build a real encyclopedia. Not a place where we try
to copy 2nd life or any other site with as a purpose building a
community. A bit of fun is fine. But this proposal makes fun the aim!


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