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Sarah Ali
 am Sarah Ali recently graduated. Actually I am working on a project
where I need to settle mediawiki using CHAMELEON skin.

I did everything like settle every directory and created extensions.
Everything is done and working perfectly but I am facing a problem which is
the last thing of my work. "NAVBAR". as i told chameleon skin has its own
navbar with one drop down menu in it attaching "CAPTURE  " i am unable to
add the other two drop down menus.

i just need it to be like "CAPTURE 2". As i am a Computer science graduate
i can handle php and javascript but the thing is i couldn't find the file
where i need to add code.  i used inspect element and tried to find that
specific class in the whole skin folder.i tried every single thing for that
but i am really helpless

i need your help.

waiting for your favorable response


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