please hire a CTO who wants to protect reader privacy

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please hire a CTO who wants to protect reader privacy

James Salsman-2
I noticed just now that the Foundation is soliciting applications for a new CTO:

Can we please hire a CTO who would prefer to protect reader privacy
above the interests of any State or non-state actors, whether they
have infiltrated staff, contractor, and NDA signatory ranks, and
whether it interferes with reader statistics and analytics or not,

In particular, I would like to repeat my request that we should not be logging
personally identifiable information which might increase our subpoena
burden or result in privacy violation incidents. Fuzzing geolocation
is okay, but we should not be transmitting IP addresses into logs
across even a LAN, for example, and we certainly shouldn't be
purchasing hardware with backdoor coprocessors wasting electricity and
exposing us to government or similar intrusions:

Best regards,

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