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questions about your community and the product you create

Kurt Jansson
Dear Russian Wikipedia community,

my name is Kurt Jansson, I have been a contributor to the German language
Wikipedia right since its start in 2001. I am also the president of Wikimedia
Germany, the German chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.

I'm currently writing a diploma thesis about the Wikipedia project and its
editions in different languages. It's a qualitative study based on interviews
with six different Wikipedia communities. I hope you to answer eight questions
concerning your community and the encyclopedia you've created. I have put the
questions on a subpage of my user page and would like you to answer them there.
You can use the discussion page to discuss your answers within your community
and agree on your joint answers.

Obviously I would like you to answer my questions the wiki way: You may edit the
existing answers that are already there, but try to find consensual answers that
the core community can agree on. If there are controversial points of view: say
so, elaborate on them and point out if one of them represents the majority's
opinion. The final answers should be in English, but of course you can translate
the questions and use Russian on the discussion page to discuss your answers and
integrate the thinkings of non-English speakers.

Deadline for the answers is April the 29th. Of course I will make the results of
my study public and publish them under a free license. I am sure this is a great
opportunity for every Wikipedia community to tell others about their project and
also to learn from others. But of course this will work best if the answers of
other communities don't influence your own answers. So if you have to peek,
please try nevertheless to focus on an answer that fits best for your own project.

I'm using mailing lists and village pumps to call attention to the interview
questions. If you know other or more appropriate places to raise people's
attention, please put this notice there. I'd also be happy if you could
translate this notice into Russian so that people with no English skills feel
also invited to participate in this survey.

Thanks for taking part!

Best wishes,

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