rdf2smw: new tool to convert RDF to SMW facts in MW XML dump format

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rdf2smw: new tool to convert RDF to SMW facts in MW XML dump format

Samuel Lampa-4
Hi again,

More old news that I forgot to announce here:

We created a new commandline tool called rdf2smw, which converts from
RDF (only in n-triples format right now, but we should add more formats)
into pages with SMW facts, in the form of MediaWiki XML dumps, that can
be imported via MediaWiki's importDump.php maintenance script.

It is available here:


We wrote this based on some frustration with the performance of RDF
impor tin RDFIO (it doesn't scale really well to millions of triples etc).

rdf2smw converts from RDF to MediaWiki/SMW XML really fast. Then you can
manually check that the wiki content looks good, and go ahead and start
the XML import when you like (which will still be kind of slow).

It requires commandline access to the wiki unfortunately, but given that
you have that, the usage is really simple, as outlined in the README:


(We are now using this tool at http://pharmb.io as a complement to
RDFIO. We find RDFIO still to be useful for smaller imports via the web
form, the SPARQL endpoint mirroring feature, as well as for the pure-PHP
SPARQL endpoint etc).

// Samuel

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